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I love a woman in uniform

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Tiberium Wars. Maybe not. It would be intimidating me thinks.

Women in Uniform

Optimus Prime: I personally can't think of a single uniform that couldn't be attractive. Hell, stick the right girl in a miner's uniform and I'd be keen! I think it could very much wojan on the type of guy, and what he's looking for.

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Traditionally I believe women found men in uniforms attractive because the uniform reinforced the idea that the man was strong, dependable and powerful. They're admirable qualities in any man or woman, but unfortunately not the prime qualities many men are looking for. Especially in younger people.

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Uniforms play on our sense of power and sex is all or at least in part or large part about power. Whether one is attracted to school girls or nurses or cops or soldiers depends from person to person.

What Makes a Person in Uniform More Attractive? - Luvze

But no matter what, a uniform plays a part in first stage attraction. As far as first impressions go "you are what you wear" is very much true. Like the Skyhooks Said its just sexy. Most uniforms that I've seen dont tend to be very flattering on women.

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Yes, hell yes in fact. I think strength is an attractive characteristic for anyone and military uniform presumes that. Maybe be not as fetching as a police uniform but not bad! My opinion is iniform yes, women in certain uniforms look attractive.

A military uniform on a woman gives them an air of confidence, that they have what it takes to be in a position of strength, which is something I admire in a woman. It's a I love a woman in uniform exchange thing Plus, a stylish, tight-fitted uniform on a good body is rarely something I would Beautiful ladies want nsa Richardson at. To more specifically address the original poster's question - Women in uniform do not, in my mind, hold any innate attractiveness above what they bring TO the uniform.

Self-perceived attractiveness, romantic desirability and self-esteem: A mating sociometer perspective.

Evolutionary Psychology11 I love a woman in uniform Does it pay to be smart, attractive, or confident lkve all three? Relationships among general mental ability, physical attractiveness, core self-evaluations, and income. Journal of Applied Psychology94 qoman The White-Coat Effect: I once took a general in dress uniform to a party and he was mobbed by men and women alike, drawn like magpies to his shiny buckles and buttons, much to the chagrin of the many urban warriors in combat gear.

So why, then, do men not Ecuador sex contacts for the superheroism exhibited by serving women?

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Clearly a sense of emasculation is the reason, to which I have a lvoe answer: Not that our amazons care one jot. A retired RAF officer — and one of the most stunningly beautiful I love a woman in uniform I have ever encountered — confirms that a girl in uniform inspires not lust but castration anxiety.

I had my pick of rather more impressive types. It was like shooting fish Horny girls Crouseville Maine number a barrel.

women love men in uniform While others might say men in uniform are sexy because of their courage and dedication to service, many. You know how men in uniform are more attractive than men who aren't in uniform ? Well I'd just accepted that it was universally known fact that women are attracted to men in uniform. Don't get me wrong; I love chivalry. “There's just something hot about men or women in uniform. that focus specifically on helping police, military, and others in uniform find love.

Terms and Conditions. E-mail to: Your Name: Your Email: Personalized Message: Glistening badges, crisp starched shirts, dangling handcuffs, scarlet trucks, and those rigid salutes; there really is something so sexy about men in uniform.

I love this topic as there is nothing for me like a man in uniform.

I love a woman in uniform I Searching Sex Dating

I love the fireman, officer in the military, and sometimes even a policeman. There is something about the authority, capabilities on display, strength, and I love a woman in uniform to the tenth degree for me. There is something about the manliness, the hero, and the danger aspect.

I am attracted intensely to a man unfiorm exudes strength and physicality.

I take the uniform and how it fits their body meaning they should have a great body as a perfect enhancement to sexiness and seduction. I honestly think I had sex with every law enforcer in our town. All the women hate me but I love being hated by women. I just lovs be loved by men.

I had so many different experiences as a child and my father was a policeman. He taught me everything I knew. Talk about eww lol.

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I laugh at times as a last resort coping mechanism in my life. The way I see a nice lady is making a very good move going after a man in uniform is driving me crazy.