Chini Ka Rauza

The Rambagh Garden in Agra were laid out by Emperor Babur, and were the first of many Mughal pleasure gardens that followed its inception. Situated at a stone throw from the Chini Ka Rauza and three kms from the Tomb of Itimad ud Daulah, The Rambagh Garden are laid out in the typical charbagh pattern, having four main divisions created by paths and waterways.

The concept of a pleasure garden was borrowed from Persia, where such gardens were prevalent. Since gardens are considered a symbol of paradise on Earth, Emperor Babar laid out the Rambagh Garden in Agra to create a paradise within his kingdom. This beautiful garden is also known as Bagh - i - Gul Afshan. Tourists visiting the gardens are treated to beautiful vistas of waterfalls. Since water was considered as the source of all life, this element has been amply incorporated while designing the Rambagh Garden. Hence you can see water from the Yamuna River flowing over 3 terraces in a series of cascades.

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