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The city of Agra is just not gifted with a legacy of fine heritage monuments for the future generations to come but also with a legacy of exquisite embroidery designs, beautiful leather craftsmanship and intricate marble work, all of which make shopping in Agra a truly memorable experience.

Right from the past, when Agra was the seat of the Mughal Empire, the royal household used to lavishly spend on craftsmen and artisans, right from sculptors, painters, artisans, jewelers, weavers, embroiderers and carpet makers, to musicians and metal workers. It is said that Empress Noor Jahan employed a large number of women seamstresses who embroidered the grand robes of the Emperor and his courtiers replete with exquisite embroidery. These craftsmen had passed their skills from generation to generation which has resulted in the shops of Agra remaining vibrant and full of enchanting wares even today.

A haven for discerning buyers, Agra is a great place to buy traditional artifacts and handicrafts. One of the most popular souvenir items that is a must buy for all tourists in Agra is a replica of the Taj Mahal. You are sure to encounter these miniature Taj Mahals virtually everywhere that range from cheap plastic ones to beautiful ones in marble.

While on a shopping trip to Agra, don't forget to browse through the shops and markets of Agra that are famous for their works in marble, leather and various other ethnic products. The leatherwork in Agra India can be seen on a wide range of products such as shoes, bags, belts and more; rugs and carpets, woven by master craftsmen who retain the secrets of carpet weaving taught generations ago by Persian rug makers. During your shopping while on a tour of Agra, India, you will also see a lot of products made up of brass. Brassware products of Agra such as hookah bases, vases, jars, plates, jewel cases, caskets and other decorative items are also quite popular with tourists who would love to display oriental souvenirs back home.

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