Agra History

Agra that was founded by Badal Singh in the year 1475 has been mentioned many a times in different historical documents and for various reasons. This city of Uttar Pradesh is one of the tourist destinations that attract many tourists from all over the world. Agra history has plenty to offer to the people who love history and enjoy visiting historical places.

Agra history will also help you to know how the city has undergone changes over the years. This city has been mentioned as Agraban forest in close proximity To Mathura in one of the famous Indian epics called Mahabharata. Agra is also mentioned in ancient Agra history as Arya Griha. This was the period when the Aryans lived.

Once the city was founded by Badal Singh, Sikandar Lodhi made Agra his capital. The first time the city was called by its present name is when the Greek philosopher Ptolemy referred to the city by the present name.

According to History Of Agra, it is believed that in due course Lodhis were defeated by Babur. This initiated the association of the Mughals with this city that is situated on the banks of River Yamuna.

Agra has over the years witnessed construction of many important historical landmarks. Some of the monuments of historical interest include the following which eventually came to be known as the places of tourist destination. They are as follows :

Other places of interest in Agra

There are many places of interest in Agra. And these are as follows :

  • Khas Mahal
  • Lower Haramsara
  • Musamman Burj
  • Grape Garden
  • Jawab
  • Panch Mahal
  • Birbal Bjawan
  • Akbar’s Mausoleum

History of Agra indicates that the best time the city in Uttar Pradesh witnessed was during the reign of Shah Jahan, Akbar, and Jehangir. It was Akbar who laid the foundation in Agra and improved and introduced art, culture, learning, and commerce.

Most of the monuments in Agra were built during the period of 16th century to 17th century. The manner in which these structures were built is predominantly Mughal in style. This trait distinguished these buildings from the rest of the structures that were built during the same period.

Agra history has witnessed many ups and downs each time it had to face the wrath of a war. Nevertheless, it has survived the tests of time and houses one of the wonders of the world. Not only that, it is home to a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites too. In addition to the Taj Mahal, the 2 other sites are Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

How To Reach Agra

Tourists from all over the world travel to this part of India to see different places and know about Agra history. As such the transportation facilities are well developed. And the same holds true for local, national as well as international communication.

There are international flights that you can avail. Domestic flights are frequent and fly to and fro different cities across India. As far as local transportation is concerned, you will find autos and local cabs.

Agra can also be reached by railway and roadways.

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