Rajasthan Travel Guide

To ensure that your travel to Rajasthan goes smoothly and you go back with happy memories, we provide a Rajasthan Travel Guide, comprising of travel tips that would ensure that your tour to Rajasthan is absolutely hassle - free.

  • A visa is required for entry into Rajasthan. Ensure that you have valid six-month tourist visas for travelling to India. All Indian consulates are authorized to issue visas only on the procurement tickets to India and provided you clear certain security and background checks.
  • There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that visitors can bring in Rajasthan.
  • The best time to visit Rajasthan is Oct-Feb as the climate is optimum. Summers are pretty harsh in Rajasthan and the only place that can provide relief is Mount Abu - the sole hill station of the state.
  • Rajasthani cuisine can become too spicy for the palate, especially if you are not used to such stuff. It's advisable to specify your spice preference before ordering your food or stick to continental dishes, if you have a tender digestive system.
  • Always carry sun block lotions, eyeshades, hats as even the winter sun can get uncomfortably hot for some unacclimatized foreign travelers.
  • Most shops accept major credit cards and travllers's cheques, so don't tend to take the risk of carrying too much cash with you while travelling.
  • It's highly impolite and unethical to consume drugs in Rajasthan and it has stringent laws against foreigners possessing drugs.
  • Some religious shrines have barred foreigners, or in some cases Non Hindus from entering the sanctum sanctorum of the temple complexes. Do remember to remove your shoes before entering any holy place. Some Muslim shrines don't allow women to enter and while some Shia Muslim shrines in India are prevent entry of Israeli, American and British tourists.
  • Safe drinking water in bottled form is sold in all cities of Rajasthan. Do check the seal, taste and smell before purchasing water. All hotels and good restaurants will have water purification equipment to ensure their clients health.
  • All basic medicines are cheap and easily available over the counter in chemist's shops in Rajasthan. However if you normally take any medication, do bring it with you when you travel to Rajasthan, since trade names of locally available medicines will differ from the names of the medicines sold in other countries.

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