Teej Festival

When the harsh summers of Rajasthan give way to the refreshing monsoons that once again makes the parched land sparkling with a renewed zest of life, the festival of Teej is celebrated. The Teej Festival commemorates the advent of the monsoon in Rajasthan and hence is celebrated with much fervor by the locals.

Also known as the 'festival of swings', the Teej Festival sees swings being hung from trees and the young women dressed in green clothes singing heart-touching folk songs to welcome the monsoon showers. The Teej Festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva who are considered to be the ideal couple by them. Young girls and women dress up in all their finery and pray for the well being of their would be spouses and husbands

Even though the Teej Festival is celebrated all over Rajasthan, the celebrations in Jaipur are set on an elaborate scale. Behold the spectacular sight of thousands of women taking out an elaborate procession through the streets of Jaipur dressed in colorful clothes and silver ornaments that is surely going to be one heady experience. The procession continues for two whole days to the accompaniment of colorfully dressed artists who regale the onlookers, who have lined up the streets of Jaipur with their lively performances which is usually celebrated around July -August.

Following is the list of the various Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan: