Rajasthan Folk Music and Dances

The Folk Music and Dances of Rajasthan are an integral part of the social fabric of the Rajasthani people as is their heritage of chivalry, bravery and valor. The people of Rajasthan believe in living their life to the fullest and the folk music and dances of Rajasthan are just an expression of these sentiments. Whether it is a birth, naming ceremony, marriage, the changing seasons, love and separation, or devotion to god, the Rajasthan Folk Music and Dances are conspicuous by their gay presence.

Folk Music in Rajasthan varies with the occasion. For example, the songs during the Gangaur and Teej Festival symbolize marital bliss, while others during the festive season of Holi express the abundance of spring, and a certain licentiousness in inter-personal relationships. Devotional folk music is dedicated to Saints, Surdas, Kabirdas, Meerabai and others. Also music traditions are kept alive by entertainers like the Langas, Manganniyars, Mirasis and Dholis.

Ballads also form an important part of the Folk music traditions of Rajasthan. On your tour to Rajasthan, you will be serenaded by bards singing heroic tales of folk heroes like Tejaji, Gogaji and Ramdeoji to a variety of accompanying instruments such as repercussion, string and wind and even common use utilities like bells, thali (metal dishes) and earthen pots. Professional singers of Rajasthan still sing the haunting ballads of Moomal Mahendra, Dhola - Maru and other legendary lovers and heroes.

The various folk dances of Rajasthan are:

Ghoomar Dance: A community dance involving women and performed on auspicious occasions, this is a very simple dance where the ladies move gently, gracefully in circles.

Gait Ghoomar
A dance-form of the Bhil tribals, it is performed during Holi festival by both men and women.

Chart Dance
This is popular in the Kisherigarh region and involves dancing with a chari, or pot, on one's head. A lighted lamp is then placed on the pot.

Kachhi Ghodi
This is a dance performed on dummy horses by men who wear elaborate costumes and ride the equally well-decorated dummy horses. Holding naked swords, these dancers move rhythmically to the beating of drums and fifes while a singer narrates the exploits of the Bavaria bandits of Shekhawati.

Fire Dance
Performed by the Jasnathi men of Bikaner and Chum who are renowned for their tantric powers, this dance involves jumping on and around the fire to the accompaniment of drumbeats

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