Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is synonymous with the Thar Desert of India. The only desert of the Indian subcontinent, its no wonder that there is a special festival to commemorate this special geographical entity. The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is held every year in winter months of January/ February to celebrate the zest for life that the people of Rajasthan have shown in the face of physical and geographical adversities.

The Desert Festival showcases the vibrant culture of Rajasthan that has always bewitched many tourists. A huge number of folk artists and performers descend on the festival venue around evening and regale visitors with their lively performances. During this festive occasion, the atmosphere at the venue becomes lively with melodious tunes and rhythms of the folk musicians and dancers. Shop for colorful souvenirs as the local bazaars that set shop near the festival venue that will remind you of the splendid experience at the Desert Festival, Jaisalmer.

Besides the elaborate cultural extravaganza, there are several other interesting events held during the two-day Desert festival. Have a fun time participating in the camel races, Mr. Desert contest and the turban-tying contest. The contest for the longest moustache is very fascinating to watch as you get to see grand mustachioed men showing off their moustaches one by one. A boisterous celebration of life, the Desert Festival will sure charm you with its glorious colors and the vibrant atmosphere as you tour the fascinating land of Rajasthan.

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