Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Camel Safari in Rajasthan is a traditional as well as a thrilling way of exploring the vast expanses of the Thar Desert and the rural countryside of the royal state of Rajasthan. Since time immemorial, even before the modern means of transportation were established, the camel used to ferry people across the desert - since that time it is known as the Ship of the Desert. Ride astride this majestic animal and explore the hidden charms of the desert with a camel safari into the heartland of Rajasthan with us.

Camel safaris are the new, exciting way of casting one's footprint across the shifting sands of Rajasthan. The Thar desert- rich in color and culture, ushers the intrepid travelers with warm hospitality. Savor the romantic ambience of the desert splendor combined with camping in the wild.

Some of the finest camel safari destinations in Rajasthan include Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur. While the camels are Bikaner are reputed to be the fastest and the best riding camels in the world, Jaisalmer is famous for its exotic sand dunes. A typical camel safari tour starts from Jaisalmer, heading west through enchanting places like the famous Sam Sand dunes, Amar Sagar, Lodurva, Bada Bagh and a number of Rajasthani villages before ending in Bikaner. An alternative to this safari route would be going via the Shekhawati region, taking in such towns as Ramgarh, Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Mandawa and Churu. Also special camel safaris are also organized round Pushkar and Nagaur in the winter season of October to March, when these two cities have their popular cattle fairs.

A camel safari is an ideal way for stoking your adventurous, sporty nature. But before embarking on a camel safari, you must be fully prepared to face the hot weather climates so carry enough potable drinking water, sunscreen, eyeshades, and a first aid kit. Also wear loose cotton clothes that cover up most of your skin to avoid sunburn. A Sola-Topee, the local Rajasthani turban or some kind of head protection is essential too.

A camel safari into the desert will give you a rare chance of escaping into the wilderness, where you can spend the night under the starlit sky and sleep by the bonfire as the minstrels softly croon mellifluous Rajasthani folk songs. A camel safari also gives you the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the lives of the local people as you get to camp with the locals at night. Truly, a camel safari is a memorable experience of a lifetime.

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