Camel Festival, Bikaner

The Camel is known as the 'Ship Of the Desert'. Used as a serviceable means of transportation to cross the vast desert stretches of Rajasthan, the camel has played an important role since time immemorial and to acknowledge the usefulness of the friendly animal, the Camel Festival is celebrated annually in Bikaner.

Celebrated in month of January and organized by the Ministry of Rajasthan Tourism itself, the Camel Festival is a major tourist attraction in Bikaner, which sees lots of foreigners mingling with the locals and well…the camels too.

The start of the Camel Festival is marked by a procession of colorfully decorated camels, crossing the Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, to open sand dunes that stretch ahead for miles. Celebrated over a couple of days, both the days see a lot hectic activity. On the first day, various contests are held such as the best-decorated camel in terms of jewelry, the best fur cutting design, and the best breed of camel. The second day of the event is dedicated to exciting camel races and camel dancing performances, which is indeed a fascinating sight to witness.

p>Enjoy two complete days of exhilarating fun amongst the vibrantly decorated camels. A plethora of cultural performances further add on to the charm of the Camel Festival in Bikaner. Gaze on the wonder as numerous Rajasthani folk singers serenade you with beautiful renditions of traditional folk songs. The colorful Camel Festival reaches to its conclusion with a spectacular display of fireworks, illuminating the desert city of Bikaner.

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