Sabarimala Temples

The Sabarimala Temple, situated atop the Sabari Hills of Kerala is dedicated to the worship of Lord Ayaappa and is major Kerala pilgrimage centre that is open for all and not just restricted to Hindus. The temple is also known as the Sree Ayyappa Temple

The secular aspect of the hilltop Sabarimala Temple shrine is beautifully exemplified by the presence of Vavar Nada, built in the honor of a Muslim saint within the Sabarimal temple complex, by the side of Holy Pathinettampady. Pilgrims who undertake the Sabarimala Temple Tour worship at both these shrines. Another significant aspect of the pilgrimage is that all the pilgrims whether rich or poor, learned or illiterate, holding a position or a servant are all equal before lord Ayyappa and all address each other as Ayyappa only

The sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ayyappa nestles 914 m above sea level, amidst the virgin forest wilderness of the Western Ghats that adds a charming aura to the entire surroundings. Pilgrimage to the holy Sabarimala Temple is usually undertaken in between the months of November to January where all the eager devotes wear black dhotis and carry, bundles containing traditional offerings like coconut filled with ghee, camphor and rice on their head. These are the devotees who have observed severe austerities 41 days prior to start of the Sabarimala Temple tour pilgrimage. Pilgrims to this beautiful temple in Kerala India are treated to the sight of the spectacular Sabarimala Temple festival that included two main pujas called the Mandal Puja and the Makara Sankranti Puja.

Legend has it that the Sabarimala temple located on the Sabari hills in Kerala was established by Lord Parasurama himself, who is believed to have dedicated this hill shrine to the worship of Lord Ayyappa. On the way to the pilgrimage, devotees cross the legendary Sabarimala village, which is the one where Lord Rama has stopped for rest and savored the half-eaten jungle berries from Sharbari

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