Folk Dances and Music of Kerala

The Folk Dances and Music of Kerala are as varied as they are exotic. Using the body as a medium of communication, the expression of dance is perhaps the most intricate and developed, yet easily understood art form. Music too plays an important role as both these beautiful art forms have developed their unique style in God's own country. Witness a mystical cultural performance during your tour of Kerala only with A Journey to India.

Some of the renowned dance forms of Kerala are:

he most famous classical dance of Kerala, Kathakali has its origins in folk. Even though the movements have become stylized over time, the essence of the dance form remains same and is characterized by its elaborate costume and ornate headgear. The dance performances depict stories from epics and the dancers' facers are painted green, black and yellow to signify the heroic, villainous and female characters respectively.

he graceful dance is performed by females only and is patterned on the legendary dance of the celestial enchantress Mohini. The dance is characterized by graceful movements accompanied by expressive facial and hand gestures.

racticed in North Kerala. Theyyam is a ritual performance involving mime, music, dance and fortune telling where the dancers wear huge masks painted a terrifying shade of red or orange.

he various music forms of Kerala are:

he Vadakkanppatu sings the story of chivalry and valour of the 'Ankachekavars' or Warriors of Kerala in the form of ballads.

B>Sopana Sangeetham
hese songs are sung on the steps of the temple, outside the sanctum sanctorum and most of the lyrics are based on poet's Jayadev's Geet Govinda.

B>Songs Of Christian Art Forms
he songs accompanying Christian art forms like the 'Margom Kali' and the 'Chavittu Natakam' have a distinct language and style of their own.

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