Fairs and Festivals of Kerala

The beautiful land of Kerala, besides its pristine beaches and glorious backwaters has another ace up its sleeve that is also a tourist magnet in its own right. These are the fairs and the festivals of Kerala that are celebrated on such a grand scale that it engulfs one and all in its joyous festivities. Every season ushers in new festivals, each one a true celebration of the bounties of nature as well as a representation of the religious harmony of the diverse religious groups in Kerala. Some of the major fairs and festivals of Kerala are:

nam is the annual harvest festival held in August-September that is celebrated over 10 days. Held in the honor of the legendary king Mahabali, who returns to see the welfare of his beloved people, after being banished from Earth by Vamana, an incarnation of Vishnu, the festival of Onam sees people decorating the front of their homes with flowers in a special carpet like design with the clay idol of Thrikkakkara Appan placed in the middle of the decorated area. The festival is marked by people going to temples, distributing sweets and cultural performance events at Alappuzha, along with snake boat races.

he festival of Vishu commemorates the beginning of the Malayali New Year, which usually falls around March- April. Celebrated throughout Kerala, on the day of the Vishu, it is considered propitious to view good things for good fortune throughout the year. The preparation of the Vishu Kani (the lucky sight or gift) forms the core of the festival.

Snake Boat Races
he tranquil backwaters of Kerala come alive with the amazing snake boat races during the annual Nehru trophy boat race at Alappuzha, which is the most spectacular of all. Kerala boat races are an event that is as much part of the land's ethos and is a sport that signifies the excellent team spirit, integration and amity of the people. The other places where snake boat, known as Chundanvalloms locally that can seat over 100 rowers are Champakulam, Chengannur and Thayathangadi near Kottayam, to name just a few.

B>Christmas and Easter
he Christian population of Kerala celebrate the traditional festivals of Christmas and Easter with as much enthusiasm as any other festival, in which they are joined by the locals of other faiths also. During Christmas, all the churches of Kerala are lit up and Musical events, cultural performances and firework displays mark this annual festival apart from religious prayers and church services.

Thissur Pooram Temple Festival
he Thrissur Pooram Temple Festival is a gala extravaganza replete with religious pageantry, elephant processions, prayers and cultural performances held in April- May annually in the Malayalam month of Medam, where all the temples of Thrissur district in Kerala- come together for celebratons.

Payippad Jelotsavam Festival
eld in the memory for the Prathista ceremony of Haripad Subramanya temple, the Payippad Jelotsavam festival spans over three days and coincides with the start of the Onam festival. Snake boat processions are taken out on the first two days and competitive boat race take place on the third day.

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