Leisure Travel

Leisure Travel is what everyone looks forward to at least once a year. This can become more frequent if you are a travel freak and love exploring different places around the globe. India offers ample opportunity to travel freaks as far as Leisure Travel options are concerned.

Leisure Travel Options

The meaning of leisure generally differs from one person to another. If sipping expensive wine in the ball room of a deluxe hotel is leisure to one person, the meaning of leisure to another may be dancing with the local tribe in a remote village in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So, it differs. But the ultimate objective of leisure travel is the same – Contentment.

Keeping the wide range of preferences of tourists in mind, India has Leisure Travel options for all.

Palace On Wheels

If you are not worried about the dollars you shell out, you can undertake a journey on the Luxury Train “Palace On Wheels”. This is a journey in its own right. Catering to the elite class, the tariff of the train varies from 670 USD to 450 USD according to the occupancy.

Other Leisure Travel Options

If you are not thinking of spending too many dollars for your leisure trip to any part of India, you can opt for the following :

Beach Vacation

You can spend your Beach Vacation in different parts of India. And if you are interested in water sports, you can try out the different forms of water sports that are available in different Sea Beaches across the country.

The best beaches can be found in the following places :

  • Lakshadweep Islands
  • Maharashtra
  • Pondicherry

Don’t forget to carry a lot of sunscreen lotion when you are planning to opt for Leisure Travel to the Beaches.

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours are just perfect for the ones who love to play it dangerously. They are always surrounded by an air of excitement and are ready to take on the challenges that the adventure tours offer. In fact, they find it leisurely to jump from high bridges (bungee jumping), walk on rocky terrains (hiking, trekking etc) and glide like birds in the sky (parasailing, ballooning etc).

Some of the places you can visit for adventure tourism include the following :

  • Lakshasweep Islands
  • Rajasthan (Camel safari etc)

Culture Tour

Setting off for Culture Tour is another way of Leisure Travel. There are different cities and towns that you can visit in India. Visit the sacred sites. Leisure also means when you can rejuvenate from within. And this is achieved if you visit to the Ayurveda Centers in Kerala. You can get Spa Treatment or a Professional Massage which is really relaxing and leisurely.

India is a mystical place and appeals to tourists of different types. This is because it has something to offer to everyone who travels to India in search of some fun or peace.

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