Velha Goa

This city came up in the 15th century. It was founded by the Bijapur Sultanate. The city lies on the banks of Mandovi River. This place contained the Shah’s Palace, Temples and Mosques. Velha Goa was later taken over by the Portuguese. This city became the administrative capital of the Portuguese rulers after invasion.

In the 17th century, the city was attacked by Cholera and Malaria Epidemics. It hit the city with so much intensity, that the city lost most of its population. The administrative capital was then shifted to Panjim, which was also known as Pangim.

Special Attractions Of Velha Goa

The Basilica Of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a World Heritage. Goa and specially Velha Goa is proud to have this World Heritage Site here. It has the last remains of St. Francis Xavier. He was Goa’s Holy Saint who had founded Jesuit. The body of this saint is miraculously preserved without using any chemical. The right arm of the body has been sent to the Jesuits in Japan, while a part of his right arm lies with Rome. The body is well preserved in a silver casket. Millions of people come to get one glimpse of this holy saint’s last remains at the soulfully quiet Bom Jesus Church.

Towers of St. Augustine

These towers are almost in ruins. These are located nearby the St. Augustine church. There were about Eight Chapels, excellent libraries and a convent which got destroyed, as they were abandoned in 1835.

The Church of St. Assisi

This Church was built in 1517. It is one of the most renowned tourist spot of Goa. The church has several attractions inside which include portraits of Portuguese rulers, pictures with scenes from St. Francis’s life. The interiors of The Church of St. Assisi are different from all others.


St. Cathedral church is biggest church of Goa .It was built in the memories of St Catherine. The construction of this church began in 1562 and ended in the year 1652. The church showcases Portuguese Gothic style interiors. The St. Cathedral church also has twin towers. One of this was hit by lightning, but the other tower has 5 Bells along with the Huge Golden Bell.

Other Velha Goa Attractions

Some Other Velha Goa Attraction includes :

  • The Mandovi River
  • Cabo de Rama
  • Shree Mangeshi Temple
  • Viceroy’s Arch

Accommodations In & Around Velha Goa

If you want to have a great holiday, selecting a great accommodation is equally important. After visiting places, you may want to come back and rest in your hotels. Some of the excellent hotels nearby Velha Goa to make your stay at this place comfortable are:

  • Holiday Inn Resort
  • Bogmalo Beach Resort
  • Peravel Beach Holiday Home
  • Nova Goa Hotel
  • Fidalgo Hotel

Velha Goa is indeed a ‘must visit’ place as it has the best of Goa’s attractions. Tourists from all over the world visit Velha Goa and return with immense satisfaction. So, when are you planning to visit Velha Goa?

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