Goa Travel Guide

We offer some travel tips that to be taken care on your tour to Goa for a joyful and pleasurable experience to make your memories even more memorable.

    • Keep an identity card issued by your country with you throughout your stay in Goa which tells about your details like name, age, nationality, blood group, contact details and other relevant information about you in case of any emergencies or for any verifications.
    • Trade and possession of drugs in Goa is illegal and strict rules are there to prevent this illegal possession. Any trade of animal skinned items of endangered species is totally illegal in Goa.
    • Before your tour to Goa ensure that you have taken the required vaccinations. If you are entering India from an endemic region, certificate of Inoculation is required. It is recommended to take a check up from your local hospital/doctor before traveling so as to confirm medications or preventive measure to make your body immune from any diseases prevailing in the beach destination Goa India.
    • Goa is blessed with mild climate. Though, its pleasant weather makes it a heaven for water sports activities, the best time to travel to Goa is from September to March.
    • For traveling to Goa you can issue any of the given visas among the 6 visa:Business Visa (issued for a month or six months), Student Visa (issued for one year or the duration of opted course in India), Conference Visa, Transit/Tourist Visa (issued for maximum 15 days), Journalist Visa and Employment Visa (issued to the foreign employees working in Indian organizations).
    • Foriegn Nationalities with a visa valid for more than 180 days should register their names at foreigner's registration office. Foreigners need to give their registration certificates back while leaving the country.

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