Ponda is located 17 km northeast of Margao and 28 km southeast of the capital of Goa i.e. Panaji. Ponda is known for its exhausting list of temples and wildlife reserves. Tourists from far-flung places travel to Ponda Goa to visit temples and the largest mosque in Goa.

Ponda Goa came into existence in 1791 when Portuguese conquered the area from the King of Sonda. Most of the temples in Ponda were demolished by Portuguese which have painstakingly been restored now. Strategically located along the main highway of Panaji-Margao, Ponda is a transportation hub of Goa.

Ponda is also emerging as an industrial city as several industries are being located near the town. Good Educational insititute like The Goa College of Engineering is the only engineering college of Goa that is established near the town.

Major Attractions in Ponda Goa

Major attractions in Ponda Goa comprise of temples, mosque and wildlife reserves. The Safa Masjid, built by Adil Shah in 1560, is the largest mosque in Goa. Take a visit to five important temples in Ponda that include the Mahalsa Narayani Temple, Shri Mangesh Temple, the Shantadurga Temple, the Nagesh Temple and the Mahalakmi Temple.

Ponda is also an ideal gateway to wildlife sanctuaries of Goa. For earnest nature lovers, these wildlife reserves are perfect treat for them. The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary offers shelter to varied spies of flora and fauna. Don't miss the spectacular view of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

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