Goa - People, Lifestyle and Cuisine

Goa is a Sun, Sand and Sea destination that invites different people to taste the flavors of different cultures. The Goa tour will take you closer to the cultural heritage and history of Goa. The spectacular churches, monuments, temples and mosques depicts the enriched culture of Goa. Apart from this The exhilarating rave parties, cheerful festivals and delicious cuisine of Goa are also very much a part of Goan culture. Harmonious blend of different cultures show secularism in Goa.

People of Goa

The people of Goa are known for living their life to the fullest. Around 65% of people are Hindus, 30% are Christians and the rest belong to Muslims and other religions. The presence of harmony in different cultures and religions adds on to the uniqueness of Goa. With different social and cultural backgrounds, Goans celebrate different festivals with great enthusiasm and joy. Highly energetic and industrious, these people are very friendly and come along with other people easily.

Cuisine of Goa

For self-confessed food buffs, Goa is certainly a place worth a visit. Known specially for seafood because of its location, Goa is the right place for food connoisseurs. Konkani, Nawabi and Portuguese delicacies are basic cuisines that one must taste in their tour to Goa. Goa boasts of its diverse cultures that also influence the Goan food. Spices are a variety of life and cuisine in this spicy land. Fish, prawns, oysters, mussels, and vindalho are the principal foods here. Taste Feni in Goa, which is the world famous drink. Goans are known for feasting and drinking. Dining in Goa is always a delightful affair. Alcohol is very very cheap in Goa served in various pubs, restaurants and hotels/

Lifestyle of Goa

For over 450 years, Goa was dominated by the Portuguese, which left an impact on their culture, lifestyle and architecture. Even today, Goa has retained the Portuguese charm. Goans are very cheerful people who celebrate every festival with fun and frolic. Siesta holds an important part in the life of Goans. In between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, all shops are closed and streets are quiet. Spotted as one of the most fashionable place in the country, the nightlife and rave parties add zings to the life.?


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