Panaji is the capital of Goa and lies in north district at the bank of the Mandavi River. Since 1843, this charming town has been the administrative capital of Goa. Panaji or Panjim in Goa, dotted with colonial styled houses and several tourist attractions like the Church of the Immaculate Conception and Mahalaxmi Temple, is a town that offers a package of unlimited fun and excitement.

This transport hub of Goa has still retained its old-worldly charm. Panaji in Goa is a vibrant city with cobbled streets, tiny bars and pretty houses that recreates a Portuguese ambience. Formerly, Panaji or Panjim was a Konkani port that was encircled by fens. This cheerful and friendly capital town, Panaji, offers tranquil atmosphere to enjoy the splendid beauty. The town has a Baroque styled church on the main square. Panaji in Goa is also an ideal place for shopping, as there are several shopping malls and showrooms that sell wood carved furniture, handicraft, straw hats, mats and many other items.

Major Attractions in Panaji Goa

Panaji in Goa has plenty of tourist attractions that include the Church of the Immaculate Conception, The Mahalakshmi Temple, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, The Chapel of St. Sebestian, Fontainhas and Pila Seminary.

There are two sun-soaked beaches located near this tiny capital town, Panaji. Dona Paula is located 9 km southwest of Panaji. This pristine beach is quite popular among tourists because of its romantic history. Dona Paula is one of the best beaches to enjoy water sports activities. Miramar Beach is located 3 km from Panaji or Panjim. This beautiful beach, Miramar Beach, is often crowded as it is located in close proximity to the transport hub and the heart of Goa.

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