Margao stands as the commercial capital of Goa. It is the second largest town and is the busiest Goan town among all. Margao rests on the banks of River Sal. It is one of the oldest town s of Goa.There are several Portuguese designed mansions which stand as landmarks of Margao. Margao is growing faster and is competing with the capital city of Goa, Panjim.

A Brief History Of Margao

Margao is an old city of Goa. It was known as Matha Grama in the Pre - Portuguese Period. It was so called, due to the presence of Nine Mathas. Margao was the Temple Town. After the Portuguese came in, the Temples were demolished and replaced by Churches. Any trace of Hindu settlement was wiped off. The oldest known church which survived the invasions here was built in 1675.

Margao mainly grew around The Damodar Temple, which was also demolished. But the Hindu devotees carried the idol of Lord Damodar across the Agranashini River into the Hindu region.

Margao grew important as a commercial centre owing to its nearby villages and towns. After Goa turned into a Union Territory, Margao was also declared to be the Administrative Centre for South Goa district.

Language Used In Margao

Just like most of the towns and cities of Goa, Margao also practices more of the Konkani Language. Apart from Konkani being the major language spoken here, Marathi is also spoken. Portuguese is spoken by a less number of people here. Hindi and English are understood is understood by all most everyone in Margao.

Places To Visit In Margao

The Pandava Caves

You can visit the Pandava Caves which lies at the Aquem Alto, near the St. Sebastian Church. These are unique and give a taste of the old civilization of Goa.

Monte Chapel

This is an old chapel, built in 1820. The Monte chapel is built on a cape which gifts a splendid view of the entire city.

Religious Places In Margao

Margao has been a religious centre, although, the temple got substituted to churches. You can visit some of the famous churches and Temples of Margao, which includes:

  • Holy Spirit Church
  • The Damodar Temple
  • The Grace Church
  • The Hari Mandir
  • The Maruti Mandir
  • The Saibaba Temple
  • The Shiv Temple
  • The St. Sebastian Chapel

There are important mosques which are situated on the Monte Hill and in the Malbhat area.

Margao Accommodations

Margao has some splendid accommodation arrangements. Some of the places where you can expect to have a comfortable stay in Margao are :

  • Hotel Colva Plaza
  • Hotel La Flor
  • Hotel Panchsheel
  • Hotel Raviraj
  • Kutarkar Hotels
  • Nanutel Hotel
  • Sunshine Beach Resort

Shopping In Margao

Margao has lots to offer to a tourist. You can shop for some beach stuff like Shell Jewellery, Shell Made Show-Pieces, Wall Hangings, Cotton Clothes, Affluent Souvenirs and Wood Carved Furniture.

In Margao you can enjoy the exotic Colva Beach and other nearby beaches like Benaulim Beach, Mobor Beach and Majorda Beach. Margao is not just an ideal place to visit but also camp in. You can also choose to camp at one of the beaches and experience Margao’s hospitality. Visit Margao and take away some great experiences to return in future again.

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