Goa - History, Heritage and Culture

Goa is a land where East meets West. During your tour to Goa explore the land with great diversity and get closer to the historical and cultural features of Goa.

History of Goa

Since Goa was tremendously into the spice and cotton trade, it attracted many dynasties. The first ruler of Goa were the Bhojas. Afterwards the son of Chalukya King Pulakesin, Prince Chandraditya, ruled this small kingdom from 566 to 597 AD. Goa was ruled over by several dynasties that left their impact on the culture, heritage and cuisine. Shilahara Dynasty, Kadamba Dynasty and Hoysalasall marked their entrance in this hub of spice and cotton trade.

It was in 1510 that the Portuguese took over the control of Goa. For around 450 years, Goa was the colony of the Portuguese. Alfonso de Albuquerque invaded Goa in 1503 and then in 1510. From 1506-1508, Goa was acquired by the Muslim invaders. The influence of the Portuguese domination is visible in the culture and architecture of Goa. The Portuguese built numerous churches and destroyed ancient temples. It was in 1818 that the Mahalaxmi temple was built in Panaji, the first temple during the reign of the Portuguese.

In 1961, Goa was liberated from Portuguese supremacy and also gained a status of Union Territory of India on 30th May 1987.

Heritage and Culture of Goa

Goa is a destination culled up with different culture and lifestyle. Goa offers harmonious blend of the churches, temples and mosques that showcases the rich cultural heritage. This enchanting destination acquires the wealth of varied culture and artistic treasure. The landmarks or monuments will take you back to the colonial era. There are plenty of places in Goa that offer rustic ambience. Fairs and festivals celebrated here represent an important part of cultural heritage of this land. The Carnival of Goa brings the enriched ethnic side of Goa to the forth. The people of Goa are cheerful and energetic in nature. Taste the lively nightlife. Dance the night away on groovy music. Corridinho, Dhalo, Fugdi, Mondo, Jagar-perani and many other performing arts are the part of folk dances of Goa.

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