Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is one of the most beautiful Beaches of the world as far as scenic beauty is concerned. It is at a distance of 24 Kms from Panjim. Panjim or Panaji is Goa’s capital city. Here people come to enjoy their vacation, spend their honeymoon, and even for business trips.

There is lush greenery all around. And the swaying palms and aquamarine water of the Arabian Sea offers a breathtaking view. The Vagator Beach is divided into 2. And in the north, it is known by the name North Vagator Beach and on the south it is known as Ozrant Beach, sometimes referred to as Mini Vagator Beach.

The Middle Vagator Beach is formed as a cliff demarcates the other 2 Vagator Beaches from this region. The middle Vagator Beach is known as Tel Aviv Beach. The maximum numbers of tourists that visit this Beach belong to United Kingdom and Israel.

The Chapora Village is close to the Vagator Beach and this village is mainly inhabited by the fishing community.

Reaching Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach can be accessed in a number of ways. And irrespective of which part of Goa you are coming from, you can take a bus or private cab. And if you are coming from any other part of India or from another country, you first need to reach Goa. Once you reach Goa, drive down to the Vagator Beach.

Activities At Vagator Beach

There are different activities you can participate in. You can take Beach walks and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Walk hand in hand with your special person if you have traveled to this part India to celebrate your honeymoon.

Tour around to see what the local people are up to and how they spend their lives in the fishing community.

There are few places you can tour around near Vagator Beach. These places are as follows :

Vagator Springs

There are 2 fresh water springs on the Beach. One is located close to the North Vagator Beach and the other is located on Ozrant Beach. In the local language, they are known as Zor.

Chapora Fort

The fort is 500 years old and from here you will get a breathtaking view of the adjoining hills and the palm groves in the distance.

The Chapora Village

The Chapora Village is also a good place to tour around.

Hotels Near Vagator Beach

Given below are names of few hotels close to the Vagator Beach. Check them out :

  • Streling Beach Resort
  • Leoney Goa

Some Other Beaches in Goa are:

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