Terekhol Beach

You must be waiting to hit the Beaches of Goa as soon as you can. Goa certainly offers you a whole lot of options, when it comes to having a Beach Holiday. Terekhol Beach is one of the Goan Beaches which promise to allure your senses with its beauty.

This uncommercialised beauty of Goa is a must visit. You can expect to be surprised by some more attractions at this Beach, apart from its natural beauty.

About Terekhol Beach

The Terekhol Beach lies in The Northern Part of Goa. It is also located close to the Maharashtra border. The Terekhol Beach is a part of The Terekhol River and lies at its northern end. The Terekhol Beach is not very crowded like the other more famous Beaches of Goa. Hence, this is the ideal Beach if you are planning to have a lonesome time with your spouse or family during this vacation.

The Beach is an untouched beauty. It remains aloof from the advancements of the world. Commercialization seems to have not considered this Beach as a growing base yet. Far from the noise of the city, this Beach stands as a perfect example for tranquility.

Attraction Of Terekhol Beach

The quiet atmosphere of this Beach is a major attraction to tourists who prefer to camp at the Beach rather than live away from the Beach. The disciplined Beach of Terekhol offers you more reasons to visit and even stay at this Beach. Terekhol Beach is still not as famous as the other Beaches of Goa, and thus is blessed with a calm environment.

p>Another major attraction of Terekhol Beach is the fort which adorns a part of Beach. This fort belonged to the Marathas and is named as The Terekhol Fort. The fort was later taken over by the Portuguese. A Goan style church was added to this Terekhol Fort by the Portuguese. The fort has been converted into a hotel for tourist’s delight. This has made viewing the seaside beauties of the Terekhol Beach even more delightful. You can feel the breeze of the Beach from the fort come hotel now.

Terekhol attracts people with its simplicity. You are not bothered by the hawkers and the Gypsy’s who may constantly bother you at the other Beaches of Goa.

Nearby Attractions Of Terekhol

Some other tourist attractions near Terekhol Beach are :

  • Querim Beach
  • Goldsmith Caves

Accommodations In & Around Terekhol Beach

To camp at this beautiful Beach is one of the best things to do when on a vacation in Goa. You can have a great time at this peaceful Beach. You can arrange for some camp fires at night and lie under the bed sheet of the starry night with the music of waves making it an out of the world experience.

Terekhol Beach can be mainly treated as a private Beach, where you can spend private time without being disturbed. Some of the places where you can stay are:

  • The Flushing Meadows Country Resort
  • Hotel Image Inn
  • Mapple Nirvana Hermitage
  • The Orange House
  • La Vaiencia Beach Resort

With so many attractions and so much to do, Terekhol Beach promises to gift a good time to you.

Some Other Beaches in Goa are :

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