Palolem Beach

A Beautiful Beach and a Calm Atmosphere is all you want, to make your holiday a memorable one. Palolem Beach gives you a perfect Beach holiday experience to remember for the rest of your life. You cannot have enough of this pretty little Beach of Goa.

The Serenity and The Romance which prevails in this Lovely Beach of Goa, is worth noticing. It will touch you for sure, if you visit the Palolem Beach.

About Palolem Beach

The intoxicating Palolem Beach is located near the Chaudi Town. It is also close to the South Goa city of Margao. This wonderful Beach is Crescent Shaped and is not largely discovered. The sea has some Majestic Rock Structures as neighbors. These rocks further add to the picturesque of the Beach.

This Goan Beach mainly has Fishermen and Foreign Tourists as inhabitants. The Foreign Tourists choose to stay here for months in the Shacks or Camps. The serenity and the tranquility of this Beach is a reason to attract foreign tourists.

The Beach is marked by smooth white sand and clear blue waters. The Beach has a major portion of the coast covered by the shacks.

Special Attractions At Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach has not been largely discovered. There are Several Attractions which make this beautiful Beach intriguing enough to be explored. The Stream at The Northern End of this interesting Beach is itself an attraction. This stream leads to a Small Island which can be accessed by water.

The other major attraction of Palolem Beach is The Sculpture made of stone, which lies at the top of Palolem Beach. It was created by an American Conceptual and Creative person, called Jacek Tylicki. This place is visited as a pilgrimage.

The Beach itself is also an attraction. It is sparsely populated and has the right content to give you a pleasurable Beach experience.

The several trips and cruises at Palolem Beach is an attraction worth mentioning. You can enjoy watching the Dolphins jump around in the water, while taking the cruise trip. You can also add some excitement to your Goan vacation, by indulging in some fishing activity at the Palolem Beach Fishing Trips.

There are Food Joints and Shacks which provide mouthwatering delicacies to visitors. You can even enjoy some Goan food at the nearby restaurants. For those who are looking for some thing to quench their thirst and have fun will be happy to find the Pubs and Bars located at the Beach.

Accommodations In & Around Palolem Beach

Staying In & Around Palolem Beach is indeed a great idea. You are showered with interesting options of Lodging at the Palolem Beach. There are Resorts, Huts, Cottages and so on, where you can have a great living experience apart from the Beach view.

  • Palolem Beach Resort
  • La Raja Little Village
  • Chattai Huts
  • Laughing Buddha Resort
  • Camp San Francisco Resort

With so much to appease your senses, Palolem Beach is by all means the “Paradise Beach”, as it is also fondly called.

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