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Dona Paula is often referred to as “Lovers’ Paradise”. It is believed that 2 lovers lived here but were unsuccessful in their love. As such this place is known as Lovers’ paradise. Dona Paula is situated at a very Strategic and Interesting Location. It is located at a point where The Rivers Zuari and Mandovi meet The Arabian Sea. The Marmagao Harbor can be seen from this place.

The Dona Paula Beach is a bustling Beach where you will find old and the young alike enjoying the sea, blue sky, and the sun. It is at a distance of 7 Kms from Panjim, Goa’s capital city. Earlier, it was a fishing village and over the years, it has transformed into a favorite Tourist Destination.

How To Reach Dona Paula Beach

You can reach Dona Paula from all the major cities in the state of Goa as well as other parts of India.

Dabolim Airport is the airport where you can land. The airport is 29 Kms away from Panjim. If you are planning to travel by Train, you can board a train from Karmali Railway Station. The Railway Station is at a distance of 15 Kms from Dona Paula Beach.

Dona Paula Beach is also accessible by rented cars and vehicles.

Activities At Dona Paula Beach

There are innumerable Activities you can indulge in at the Dona Paula Beach. This Beach is another Beach besides Calangute in Goa which is bursting with life. There are many water sports that you can take part in. Besides, you can explore various other places of interest in and around Dona Paula Beach. These include the following :

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sanctuary is situated along River Mandovi at close proximity to Choro Island. It is at a distance of 9 Kms from the Dona Paula Beach. If you are traveling to Dona Paula, don’t miss out this place. You will find local as well as migratory birds in this sanctuary.

The Reis Mages Church

The Reis Mages Church is amongst the oldest churches in Goa. The church is dedicated to the three Magi, namely, Balthazar, Gasper and Melchior. These 3 men headed for Bethlehem after being guided by the star.

National Oceanography Institute

This is another tourist attraction at Dona Paula Beach. It is the National Oceanography Institute. It was established during the 1960s. The institute deals with marine life as well as other branches of oceanography.

Shopping At Dona Paula Beach

Ranging from eatables to spices, there’s lot you can lay your hands on. You will also find typical Goan clothes being sold on the Beach. Sarong is quite common and you can get one from the local vendors selling such stuff on the Beach.

You will also find Lace Handkerchiefs, Straw Hats, Port Wine, Feni, Jewelry, Handicrafts and Spices etc.

Accommodations In & Around Dona Paula Beach

There are many Resorts in the adjoining areas. But one place where you can put up is the Dona Paula Beach Resort. It is close to the Dona Paula Beach.

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