Chapora Beach

Beach holidays are always fun. Specially, if the holiday is at one of the exotic Beaches of Goa, you can expect to have a wonderful time. Goa has several Beaches for you to be explored. Chapora Beach is a nature’s wonder. It is one of The Best Beaches of Goa.

This Goan Beach has several features of its own which are sure to transform your Beach experience into the best one. If you are a lover, you will find romance in the ambience of Chapora Beach.

About Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach has a Rural Flavor and welcomes all its tourists with an open heart. The Chapora Beach has beautiful white and soft sand which you will love. There are Black Lava Rocks too at this Beach, which are like the perfect contrast to the white sand.

The Blue Sea adds to the delight of the traveler who gets sown in the depths of beauty of this mesmerizing Goan Beach. The color of the sea surprises you by changing its color from aquamarine to sea green.

Chapora is also a Fishing Village. You can see fishermen going to the seas and returning with fishes. You can hear them hum the local songs and even hear some local tales regarding the Beach and the Sea.

Attractions Of Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is surrounded by several attractions. You can get to see some of the man made wonders nearby the Chapora Beach. You can also experience nature’s divine presence at some of the other places. Some of these places of attractions are:

The Chapora Fort

The Chapora Fort is a 500 Year Old Portuguese Fort. After traveling a little distance and crossing the black lava rocked steps, you get to se this man made wonder. The fort oozes out Old Portuguese Styles and types of Architecture. From atop the fort, you get to see the Hills and the Sea. The Fortifications & The Battlefields, further carries you down the memory lane, giving a glimpse of the Vagator Rule.

Vagator springs

The Vagator Springs are indeed an attraction worth mentioning. You can visit the two springs, located at the foothills of north Vagator Beach and at Orzant.

Chapora Village

Chapora Village is indeed a delight to be in. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, you get the feel of a village life here. Coming to this Fishing Village, you are sure to get a great relaxation at this village.

Specialty Of Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach has every reason to attract you. This Beach is blessed with immense scenic beauty. You also get good Food at the Food Stalls which are present near the shores of the Beach. Shopaholics too get what they want at this Beach. The Beach has local hawkers and excellent shops which sell Shell Ornaments as well as Home Decoration items.

Chapora Beach also has interesting activities for you to indulge in. Some of these include the Water Sports, Para Gliding, Para Sailing and many more.

Accommodations In & Around Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is an ideal place to lodge in. There are special Accommodations around this beautiful Beach for tourists. These offer all round facilities to their guests and also have special packages with trips to other Goa Attractions. One of the main Beach resorts near Chapora Beach is The Sterling Vagator Beach Resort.

There are several guest houses and hotels near the Chapora Beach, where you can lodge in too.

Some Other Beaches in Goa are:

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