Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach is the perfect Beach for your Beach vacation. On coming to Goa, you just cannot afford to miss one of the most aesthetic Beaches, known as the Cavelossim Beach.

You are sure to enjoy this Beach of Goa which seems to have a heavenly presence. Visitors are blown by the beauty of this Goan Beach.

About Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach attracts tourists from all over the world. The mesmerizing Cavelossim Beach is located in amidst the Arabian Sea and the Sal River. This wonderful Beach of beauty is present in the South Goa region. The nature seems to have blessed the Cavelossim Beach with an inexplicable beauty.

For those who have come here in search of good time, are sure to get one. Cavelossim Beach takes care of almost every need of a traveler. From food to leisure activities, all are present at this Beach.

Cavelossim Beach Attractions

The Bazaar / The Markets Of Cavelossim Beach

This Beach has attractive markets, which sell interesting goods. You will come across several shops which have Jewellery made of Shell and Wrought Iron. There are shops which also sell Incense Sticks made of various woods. You will also find home dcor items which are made of Shells, Mirrors and Wood.

Water Sports Of Cavelossim Beach

This Beach is also famous for its water sports. You can indulge in some fun water games like Speed Boat Racing, Diving, Swimming and many more. Water sports are a major attraction of this Beach of Goa.


Mabor is also a major attraction of the Cavelossim Beach. The Colva Beach ends at Mabor. The Beach is a seat of shopping activities as they have several beautiful shops which display Indian handicrafts and other goods.

Boat Rides

You can certainly take part in the boat rides which helps you to take a keener look at the Sea. You can even catch a glimpse of the playful Dolphins that may appear and disappear beside your boat.

Specialty Of Cavelossim Beach

This Beach is a photographer’s paradise. It has everything which is needed to become the best Beach of Goa. The white soft sand, blue crystalline water, and the greenery making its presence felt from all corners of this Beach, makes Cavelossim a real tourist attraction.

Accommodations In & Around Cavelossim Beach

To stay at or somewhere near the spectacular Cavelossim Beach is like a blessing. Imagine waking up to the kisses of the sun rays which come along with the soul soothing waves of the Beach. Isn’t that what you want for your perfect Beach holiday? Yes, it is. So, lodge at a great Hotel or Resort which has the Arabian Sea as its neighbors. Some of these are :

  • Flamingo Resort
  • Haathi Mahal
  • Dona Sa Maria
  • Luisa by the Sea

There are a few more lodging options, when it comes to staying around the Cavelossim Beach.

Some Other Beaches in Goa are:

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