Candolim Beach

If you are a true romantic and love the beauties of a Beach, Candolim Beach is where you should be. Candolim Beach tickles the artist within you with its superb scenic beauty. Lying in a part of North Goa region, this beach is a wonder of its kinds.

Candolim Beach is a peaceful Beach which is seldom too crowded to visit. This scenic wonder of Goa attracts people from far and wide.

About Candolim Beach

This beautiful Beach is located nearby the Goan Capital, Panjim. Because of its location, it becomes easier for travelers to lodge at the best places at the Capital. People located nearby the Candolim Beach can also plan the rest of their Goa trip easily.

The Candolim Beach is one of the longest beaches of Goa. It starts from the Aguada Beach and merges with the beautiful Calangute Beach. The beach has golden sand with the waves splashing over its dunes, every now and then. The Beach offers an exotic view of the mesmerizing sea.

Attractions Of Candolim Beach

The Candolim Beach has lots of attractions to be checked out by you. You will have fun visiting the various locations which are well known tourist spots around the Candolim Beach.

Candolim Church

This is a beautiful Church, build on “Lady Of Hope”. This Church was built in the year 1560. It has some excellent stained glass work, beautifying the interiors of the Church.

Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada is one of the most famous tourist spot, located nearby the Candolim Beach. It is a ‘must visit’ place as it displays Portuguese Architecture at its best. It has a Lighthouse, Citadels, a Huge Bell and a Big Clock.

St. Lawrence Chapel

Not very far from the Candolim Beach, lies the St. Lawrence Chapel. This Chapel is dedicated to St. Lawrence who is the patron saint of sailors.

Activities At Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach promises to give you a fabulous time. There are excellent Food Shacks which attract people with mouthwatering food options. Apart from good Food, you can have a great time by indulging in some interesting Water Sports. You can participate in Jet-Skiing, Para Sailing, Para-Gliding, Speed Boat Rides, and Banana Boat Rides. There are also special rides which take you to watch Crocodiles and Dolphins.

Interesting Facts About Candolim Beach

Swimming is not what you should do at this beach. River Prince Ship was grounded at the Sea neighboring the Candolim Beach in 2000. But you won’t really miss swimming, as there are water activities for you to enjoy.

Candolim has also been the birth place of the famous hypnotist Fr. Abbe Faria.

Accommodations In & Around Candolim Beach

There are amazing Hotels & Resorts near Candolim Beach. These lovely places offer all sorts of facilities to make your stay comfortable and worth remembering. Some excellent Accommodations near Candolim Beach are :

  • Aldeia Santa Rita
  • Casa Seashell
  • Don Hill Beach Resort
  • Ave Maria Guest House
  • Highland Beach Resort

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