Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach is a beautiful Beach which is surrounded by lush greenery. If your aim is to have a great holiday in Goa, Bogmalo Beach is just the place for you. You can expect to spend a peaceful time with your friends and family at this Goan Beach.

Bogmalo Beach is a popular Beach which is comparatively less crowded. It is the ideal place to spend a relatively peaceful holiday. Picnickers love this beautiful place.

About Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach was famous as a Fishing Village. But, Tourists started coming in, to enjoy the Beach of Bogmalo. You can easily lose all your worries after getting the feel of Bogmalo Beach. The Bogmalo Beach has an amazing ambience which is a blend of innocence and practicality. Here lies the nature’s beauty, which combines with the usual commercialism.

The Bogmalo Beach is a fantastic place to be in. On one hand, where you can find shops and food stalls alluring your physical needs and desires, on the other hand the beauty of this beach sooths your inner soul. Despite the technical advancements having touched upon Bogmalo, its village still continues to be simple and attractive in its own way.

Bogmalo beach lies close to the port city, Vasco.

Specialty Of Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo attracts tourists to its right mix of commercialism and wonderful scenic presence. It’s more like a Shoppers Place. You can get things like Shell Jewellery, Fashionable Clothes, Beach Wears, Shoes & Slippers, Showpieces and so on.

Bogmalo Beach also has special Food Stalls, which sell piping hot food to the tourists. For the kid’s delight, there are Ice Cream Parlors too.

A whitewashed Chapel also lies near the Bogmalo Beach, which can be visited by travelers.

Bogmalo Beach is ideal for swimming, as the waters of this beach are clean and safe. You will certainly love to swim and bathe in the sun at this amazing Goan Beach. Diving is yet another attraction of Bogmalo Beach. Diving is becoming more and more popular in terms of fun activity in Goa. There is a Diving School which has been newly launched to teach Diving.

How To Reach Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach can be easily reached through various means. Vasco Da Gama connects Bogmalo through the road. Dabolim Airport is the nearest Airport, which lies 4 Kms away from the Bogmalo Beach. Vasco Station is the nearest station to this Goan Beach.

Accommodations In & Around Bogmalo Beach

There are several accommodations for tourists near the Bogmalo Beach. These accommodations provide everything which is necessary to have a good stay in Goa. You are sure to enjoy your visit to Goa, if you stay at one of these amazing hotels or resorts. Some of these are :

  • Coconut Creek Beach Resort
  • Bogmalo Beach Resort
  • Joet’s Guest House
  • Raj Resorts
  • Sarita Guest House

Overall, the Bogmalo Beach is a lovely place to be in. You can explore the surroundings of this amazing beach and create some pleasant memories, to take them back home with you.

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