Benaulim Beach

Are you planning for a Beach Holiday? Then, Benaulim Beach is the place where you should be in. Benaulim Beach attracts tourists from all over the world with its excellent features.

Goa has several beautiful beaches, of which Benaulim Beach is one. You can expect to have a lot of fun at this beach. If you are expecting to have a lovely holiday with your friends and family, Benaulim Beach gives you every reason to have one.

About Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach lies peacefully in South Goa region. It has the beautiful Arabian Sea flowing on its shores. The Benaulim Beach is not very far away from the capital, Panjim. This beautiful beach is more like an extension of the famous Colva Beach.

The Benaulim Beach may not seem very eventful as it is quieter as compared to the other more crowded beaches of Goa. The Benaulim Beach attracts people from all over the world. This Beach is The Fishing Hub of Goa. This Exotic Beach of Goa has Clear Water, Sparkling Sands and is also surrounded by the Lush Greenery. The overall feel of this amazing beach is very serene.

Special Attractions Of Benaulim Beach

The Beach itself is a major attraction for tourists who search for pure relaxation. The Beach offers a serene atmosphere with the palm trees to add to the flavor of it. Beach lovers can’t ask for more, than a good sun bath, the waves splashing at their feet and the cool shadows of the palm trees. Benaulim Beach is the perfect place to be in, when on a holiday.

Apart from the excellent beach ambience, the place also has another major attraction in form of The Church of St. John. The Church lies on the top of a hill. It attracts tourists from far and wide. This lovely beach offers dolphin watching facilities. You may take a boat ride specially arranged for this event. Watch dolphins swimming around the boat. Nossa Senhora de Merces Church and the church of St John are also located at close proximity to the beach. During your Benaulim beach tour watch some of the exhilarating bullfights.

Another major attraction of Benaulim Beach is its various fairs and festivals. The beach has excellent fairs and festivals such as the Beach Bonanza, which take place on every Sunday.

Food is yet another attraction to travelers who come to the Benaulim Beach. The people are showered with several options when it comes to good food. There are food joints and local bars and restaurants which offer everything from snacks to meals. With such mouthwatering food nearby, all you need to do is grab a bite of these and relax under the sun at the beach.

How To Reach Benaulim Beach

Reaching Benaulim Beach is not very difficult. Dabolim is the nearest airport, which lies at a distance of 70 kilometers from Benaulim. Karmali is the nearest railway station to Benaulim. Apart from the railway and the airlines, you can even catch buses from Colva and Panjim.

Accommodations In & Around Benaulim Beach

To stay near the Benaulim Beach and watch its waves playing along the shores is just what you want for a perfect holiday. Don’t you? So, why compromise on an accommodation, when you can actually stay around the Benaulim Beach? Some of the excellent places to lodge in are :

  • Jupiter Resort & Spa
  • Carina Beach Resort
  • Lotus Suites
  • Taj Exotica
  • Royal Goan Beach Club

These beautiful resorts help you to have a comfortable stay when at Benaulim Beach in Goa. They have all round facility along with special treats for their guests.

Benaulim Beach is just what you need when looking for a memorable holiday. You and your family can look forward to have the best times, here at the Benaulim Beach.

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