Aguada Beach

Aguada Beach is a pleasure to be in. If you are visiting Goa, you certainly have reasons to visit this mesmerizing beach of Goa, called the Aguada beach. Located in the North Goa, this lovely beach of Goa has all what it needs to have a great time.

p>Aguada beach has the sparkling sand covered land with splashing waves which touches its shores every now and then. The beach is an absolute delicacy for beach lovers who visit Goa from far and wide.

Aguada Beach - What To Expect?

Aguada is all about excellent scenic beauty. The sands of this beach sparkle along with the waters which attracts you for a little fun. Aguada Beach is safe for swimmers and also offer various water related activities. They have the water sports facilities which are lined up on its shores.

Apart from all these, there are excellent food joints with local pubs. They offer mouthwatering cuisines, both International and Goan. They even have the local food stalls, which sell amazing snack.

The beach also has several shops which sell good quality Goan feni and beverages. You can enjoy the local Goan culture at the kiosks pubs, found at beach of Aguada.

Special Attractions At & Around Aguada Beach Goa

Aguada beach Goa shelters long stretches of land. There are excellent food joints which offer mouthwatering food. Aguada also has fun activities, for you to take part in. You can even participate in some night activities like parties at the beach side, and so on here.

Aguada Fort

Apart from all these, the Aguada Fort Goa is also a major attraction of Aguada Beach. Located at the neighborhood, the Aguada Fort stands as the epitome of Portuguese architecture. This fort is one of the most famous forts of Goa.

It was built with the purpose of watching over the ingression of enemies through the River Mandovi. Aguada fort also looked after the security of Old Goa. From what is left over of the last remains of this Aguada Fort Goa, you can have a clear view of the sparkling beaches which runs towards the state of Maharashtra.

The lighthouse of this Aguada Fort was constructed in the year 1864. It now offers a spectacular view of Cabo Raj Niwas from its top.

Best Time To Visit Aguada Beach Goa

Goa as a whole or Aguada Beach is best visited during winters. You can also make a combination of the cold showers of rain with the beaches and visit Aguada beach during the monsoon. Both these weathers present quite ideal conditions for a trip to Goa and its beaches. Although, some prefer it’s hot and come to Aguada Beach during the early summers. Sun bathing can be done by traveling to this beach during the early summers.

Aguada Beach Accommodations

You must have thought to lodge at a comfortable place after visiting the Aguada Beach Goa. If you get to stay at a hotel/resort which overlooks the beautiful Aguada Beach, there’s nothing like it. Some of the accommodation options near the Aguada Beach are:

  • Clarks Inn Aguada Anchorage
  • Taj Holiday Village
  • Fort Aguada Beach Resort

Apart from comfortable lodging, these hotels and resorts offer good food and great ambience.

Aguada Beach is indeed the beach that you have been looking for. It’s the Goan beach which offers you everything at the same place to make your holiday experience, a memorable one.

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