Agonda Beach

Planning for a vacation at the beaches? Well, then you should certainly visit Goa. This Union territory of India offers several exotic beaches which are sure to entice you. Agonda Beach is one of those beaches of Goa which pleasures you and lets you have a great time. This beach is one of the best which you can find in Goa.

Agonda is a perfect place to have a great holiday with your friends and family. If you are a beach lover, well, this is exactly where you should be.

All About Agonda Beach

Agonda is a beautiful Beach of Goa. It is a smaller sea beach which lies 37 kilometers from Margao. The beach is covered by a large mount towards its south. Agonda Beach is an interesting beach which stretches for 3 kilometers.

This beautiful beach is an ideal place for honeymooners who search for less crowded places for privacy. This Beach is more secluded because of its distance from the main cities of Goa. Agonda Beach is marked with splendid view of the seas. The beach has white sand n crystal clear water. You can enjoy the breeze at this beach side. There are palm trees to further add to the amazing picturesque of Agonda Beach Goa.

Main Attractions Of Agonda Beach Goa

Agonda Beach Goa is endowed with natural beauty which attracts nature lovers. The beautiful surroundings are enough to attract tourists to this Beach.

Apart from the Beach, there lies the famous Cabo de Rama. This Cabo de Rama is said to be the abode of Lord Rama for 12 years during the exile period. It is during this time, that Lord Rama stayed with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman, spending the 12 years of exile. The fort of Cabo de Rama is located nearby the Agonda beach. The fort is dedicated to Lord Rama, who is the main character of the famous epic, Ramayana. The fort itself is a wonder in true sense. The ambience of the fort has a sense of mystery mingled with the ancient flavor.

Agonda village is also a must visit. It’s a small village which is located near the Benaulim beach and the Palolem beach.

The Specialty Of Agonda Beach Goa

Agonda beach is special in many ways. With attractions like Cabo de Rama and the Agonda village, tourists get a lot to explore. Entire Agonda offers a mesmerizing view. Agonda is surrounded by lush greenery which leads to the forest land. You can also check out the peaceful village life of the Agonda village and watch farmers, fishermen enjoy their job. You can even hear them hum some local Goan folk songs, while they enjoy their work.

Accommodations At Agonda Beach Goa - Resorts & Hotels

To stay at the Agonda Beach Goa is a beautiful experience. You will certainly not like to stay away from this little beach. So, you don’t have to either. There are excellent resorts and hotel accommodations which are situated near the Agonda Beach Goa. Some of these excellent accommodations include:

  • Om Sai Guest House
  • Alessandra Resort
  • Flavia’s Paradise

These resorts offer excellent view of the beautiful beach, right from its rooms. You can soak yourself with the beauty of the beach by staying at one of these beach resorts. Apart from this, these resorts offer comfortable stay, excellent hospitality, great services and splendid European and Goan cuisine. The resorts also arrange for special trips which includes exciting activities like water sports, fishing, para-gliding, dolphin watching and so on.

Some Other Beaches in Goa are:

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