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Shopping is an integral part of any vacation plans and Delhi sure doesn't disappoints the tourists for whom shopping in Delhi can indeed be a memorable and unique experience. The shops in Delhi provides a wide range of products such as carpets, silks, jewellery, leather and silver ware, handicrafts and handprinted cotton - all synonymous with India at a variety of traveler that suits all kinds of budgets.

Connaught Place is one of the best shopping zones in Delhi and offers a great experience for those on the lookout for a retail therapy. Whether you are looking for traditional Indian handicrafts or latest international designer wear, you are likely to get it there at Connaught Place. Start with the line of emporia that show cases the best of each state in their respective emporiums such as Rajasthali (Rajasthan), Pragjyotika (Assam), Le Pakshi (Andhra Pradesh) and many more on Sansad Marg. Move inwards and you will come across Janpath that is a haven for budget travelers, as this is one place where you can buy ethnic Indian Wear at dirt-cheap prices. The Central Cottage Emporium is a multi storey building and is a one-stop shop for all exquisite handicrafts from the remotest corner of India. And of course there are showrooms aplenty of big international brands such as Benetton, Adidas, Nike etc.

The shops and markets of Delhi all retain their own, distinctive ambience that adds to the experience of shopping. For example - two major shopping zones of Delhi - Haus Khas Village and Chandni Chowk very different from each other are chalk from cheese - but still both reflect an essential aspect of Delhi. Located in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is a bustling market with an interwoven network of narrow bylanes where some of the shops are more than hundreds of years old but are famous for their distinctive wares - such as the Dariba, The Silver Market, Khari Baoli, The Spice Market and Kinari Bazar for trimmings and tinsel. The Haus Khaz Village Market, on the other hand, is complete opposite. Quiet and secluded, Hauz Khas Village targets a niche clientele and offers a combination of ethnic chic and designer labels, both Indian as well as international. The market with its array of boutiques, galleries and restaurant co-exists with the buffalos, cow pats and men smoking hookahs on charpoys, which adds a charming rural ambience to shopping area.

Other popular shopping haunts of Delhi are Sunder Nagar for its antiques, Sarojini Nagar for its market of export surplus clothes and the Santushi Shopping Arcadeat Chanakyapuri for its apparel, furnishings and accessories boutiques. The Dilli Haat is also a novel accomplishment of Delhi Tourism, which showcases the handiwork of India's finest craftsmen.

On a whole, shopping in Delhi is an extremely pleasurable activity and is but just one of the fascinating ways of understanding the pluri-cultural and pluri- ethic capital city of India.

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