Safdarjung Tomb

Built in 1753 by the Nawab of Avadh for his father, the Safdarjung Tomb is a classic example of Mughal architecture and commemorates the memory of Mirza Mukin Mansur Khan, fondly known as Safdarjung. Built out of buff colored sandstone interspersed with red sandstone and white marble, the Safdarjung Tomb is situated in the quiet verdant locales of Lodhi Road surrounded by a huge expansive garden.

The tomb was designed by an Abyssinian architect and has four minarets and a huge protruding dome that is made of pure white marble apart from ornamented arches. You can also spot intricate latticework on the stone screens in the mosque that is located within the precincts of the tomb. The tomb is the burial site for two grave, presumably the other belonging to his wife. The square central chamber of the mausoleum is surrounded by eight rooms all around. All the apartments, except the corner ones are rectangular in shape, the corner ones being octagonal

There is also a zenana quarters nearby. Styled loosely along the same pattern as that of Humayun's Tomb, the Safdarjung's Tomb stands on a high terrace, surrounded by an extensive walled garden. The garden has been designed in the typical 'Chaharbagh' style.

As you explore this monument, you can see that the main tomb and the mosque are bounded by beautiful pavilions that are known as Moti Mahal, Jangli Mahal and the Badshah Pasand. As you enter through the main gateway, notice the Arabic inscription on the main gateway that reads -" When the hero of plain bravery departs from the transitory, may he become a resident of God's paradise."

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