National Museum

Explore the National Museum that showcases over 2,00,000 objets d'art which reflects the rich cultural heritage of India. With a collection that spans over 5000 years, one can very well imagine the sheer diversity of the various artefacts on display that represent the creative traditions of the yore. The founding stone of the National Museum was laid by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India with the construction being finally completed in 1983.

Located in the heart of Delhi, National Museum houses collections pertaining from Pre-historic Archaeology, Jewellery, Paintings, Decorative arts to Manuscripts, Central Asian Antiquities, Arms and Armour spanning numerous empires and dynasties. Hence you can see the relics belonging to the Lothal, Kalibangan and Harappan Civilizations along with artefacts from the Mughal Empire, the Maurya Empire and even things belonging to the times of the Pandavas. The various types of artefacts that can be seen on display are terracotta sculptures, historic costumes, mural and miniature paintings, old coins, pottery, manuscripts etc. You can also see some rare historical items such as Mughal Emperor Babar's handwriting and Jehangir's diary among the many other treasure within the museum that is one of the India's finest.

Apart from this, you can also view the antique collection of Sir Aureil Stein and several Rajputana and Deccan treasures.

The National Museum also has a provision of audio tour that acts as your virtual tour guide as they provide information and describe the history and importance about the different artefacts and relics in a chronological manner. This service is available in Hindi, English, French, German and Japanese. Tourists are also allowed to go inside the Conservation Laboratory located inside the museum and see how the process of restoration of historic relics.

The National Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm and involves an admission fee of mere Rs10 for Indians and Rs30 for foreigners. Providing a superior blend of past with the present along with a strong perspective of future, the National Museum helps one relive history and imagine the lifestyle and sheer grandeur of that era when you tour this tourist attraction of Delhi.

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