Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is the biggest mosque in India, Jama Masjid is another example of Shah Jahan's architectural extravaganza. Built in 1658, (the construction began in 1644), Jama Masjid's singular feature is that it can accommodate 25, 000 people in the courtyard itself at any given point of time apart from the fact that it consists of three gateways, two 40m high minarets and four towers.

Originally known as Masjid - i - Jahanuma, the 'mosque with commanding view of the world' The Jama Masjid indeed provides panoramic views of the city. If you climb up the southern minaret, you can see The Raj Ghat, The Connaught Place, TheRed Fort and The Parliament House.

Made up of sandstone and white marble, Jama Masjid can be entered by the north and the south gates. The eastern gateway is open only on Fridays and is the gate that was used by the Emperor himself. Even today, Jama Masjid is thronged by devotees who offer namaz, especially during any Muslim festival. For Non - Muslims there is a specified time for entering the mosque. While exploring Jama Masjid, don't forget to see the cupboard located near the north gate that showcases a collection of prophet Muhammad's relics - a red beard - hair of the prophet, Qurans written on deerskin, his footprint and his sandals.

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