Humayun Tomb

The beauty of Humayun Tomb can be somewhat measured by the fact that it has been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1993. Built in mid 16th century, work on Humayun's tomb was commissioned by Haji Begum, the Persian born senior wife of Emperor Humayun. The sheer grandeur of this mausoleum is sure to overwhelm you during you travel to this beautiful tourist attraction of Delhi.

Humayun tomb was the premier monument that heralded the advent of garden tombs in India. On entering, you will be greeted by high arched entrances, surmounted by a dome and magnificent gardens that are divided into four large squares, separated by causeways and water channels. This is the hallmark of a typical Mughal garden. Near to the main tomb of Emperor Humayun lies the lesser-known tombs of his wife Haji Begum and his personal barber Isa Khan what is known as Nai Ka Gumbad that are made up of black - and - yellow marble.

Located in the quiet environs of Nizamuddin, Humayun Tomb is easily accessible as it is situated very near to the center of the city.

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