Delhi History

The History of Delhi is very colorful with many different dynasties ruling over New Delhi that have left their marks on this city, but through all this, one thing has remained constant - the brave and the resilient spirit of the city that has led to be the capital of India.

Delhi's history speaks a tale of transition - from the golden days, to being plundered by the foreign invaders and being subjugated for over 100 years by the British before finally being a truly cosmopolitan city that it is today.

Cradling civilizations since times immemorial Delhi goes back hundreds of thousands of years back into time. Archeological evidences prove that Early Man lived in Delhi. Being witness to many glorious dynasties such as The Panadava Empire, The Maurya Empire and The Mughal Empire further cements the historical importance of Delhi.

History establishes beyond doubt that around eight cities/kingdoms were found in Delhi. The first four cities were all centered around Qutab Minar in the south. The first city of Delhi, named Lal Kot was built by Anagpal, belonging to the Tomar dynasty. Further additions to that city were made by the subsequent rulers such as King Vighharaja IV, Qutbuddin Aibak, and other Sultanate dynasties of Khaljis, Tughluqs, Sayyids and Lodis.

The second and third cities were set up by Alad - Din Khalji (1296- 1316) and Ghiysud - Din Tughlug (1321- 1351) respectively. Ghiysud - Din Tughlug also set up the fourth city known as Jahanpanah. The fifth city founded by Firuz Shah Tughluq (1351- 1388) was named Kotla Firuz Shah in his honor.

Even though the sixth city - Purana Quila was set up by Sher Sha Suri, it was based on the foundations laid by Humayun for the city of Dinpanah while the Mughal capital of Shahjahanabad was the seventh city laid down by Shah Jahan (1628- 1658).

New Delhi, as we know today began to take shape when the British shifted its capital from Kolkata to Delhi in 1911, leading to the establishment of the eight and final city of Delhi.

Tour the city of Delhi to soak in the beauty and the ancient historical heritage that this beautiful city has to offer.

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