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India became a republic nation on January 26, 1950 with the constitution coming into force and since then, the day is celebrated in India as Republic Day. It is a national holiday as on this day India became a sovereign and secular nation making the dream of the freedom fighters that laid down their lives for the nation come true.

Being the capital city of India, New Delhi sees Republic Day being celebrated on a grand scale. The Republic Day always has a chief guest, who is generally a high-ranking dignitary of a foreign country. On this day the President of India awards medals of bravery to people from the armed forces as well as civilians who have shown exemplary courage in the face of adversity. The President addresses the nation on the eve of the Republic Day.

The mainstay of the Republic Day celebrations and the main reasons for the hordes of tourists thronging the Republic Day venue, which isIndia Gate, is the Parade. The parade that courses its way from Rajghat, along the Vijaypath sees an assortment of regiments, tanks and missiles marching past the national flag as they salute the President of India and the other officials. One can see officers from the Army, Air Force, Navy, NCC cadets and school children selected from all over Delhi participating in the parade.

As the parade comes to the end, it is followed by a spectacular array of caravans (jhakiyan) belonging to different states of the country. Each caravan has a unique theme and depicts moving exhibits specific to the theme and the region. These caravans showcase the cultural diversity of India. Fun to watch, they lend a festive air to the occasion.

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