Mango Festival

The Mango Festival is a unique festival involving the Kings of the Fruits - Mango, which is one of the most delicious fruits available in India. And since India contributes to 60% of the total world production in mangoes, it is no wonder that this unique Mango Festival is held in the capital city of India - Delhi. Celebrated in Talkatora Stadium every year in the Month of July, the International Mango Festival sees people from all corners of Delhi converging on venue for sheer pleasure of sinking their teeth in delectable mangoes.

The Mango Festival spans for a period of three days where you will come across an exotic assortment of mangoes under a single roof. If you are a true mango lover, the Mango Festival is not to be missed event. With over 500 different types of mangoes, you are sure to go crazy trying to sample them all.

During the Mango Festival, you can enjoy free samplings of various types of mangoes or buy a small mango tree of your choice. There are certain exhibition stalls that will also give tips as to how to grow mango tress in your own garden. Feast on the mangoes as you are serenaded by the live cultural performances that are put on for the benefit of the visitors to the Mango Festival. Also there are various sub-events held during the Mango Festival such as Mangoville, Mango Culinary Treats, Mango Tree Sales, Cultivar tastings and evaluations and many more that add a fun element to the entire proceedings.

Experience the glorious sunset colors and meltingly sweet, juicy flesh as you enjoy traditional favorites and the newest discoveries at the one and only Mango Festival in Delhi.

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