Christmas is the most important festival for the Christians since it marks the birthday of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Christmas in India is an auspicious occasion for Christians and people from other religions.

About Christmas

Christmas or the Birthday of Jesus Christ is one of the most important festivals in India. It is a bank holiday in India and is celebrated by different communities in the country. In spite of the fact that Christmas is a festival for the Christians, it is extensively celebrated by non Christians or people from other communities as well. A considerable number of the rituals and traditions of the festival boasts secular or Pre-Christian sources and premises. Christmas is cardinal to the Christmas and festive period and in Christian religion signifies the commencement of the more prominent time of Christmastime, which goes on for 12 days.

Christmas Celebrations In India

Popular observation customs of Christmas in India include Songs, Offering Gifts, Cake Cutting Ceremonies, Going To The Church and Offering Prayers, Exchanging Greeting Cards, A Sumptuous Meal and Exhibition of different types of embellishments such as Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Mistletoe, Garlands, Delivery Sights and Holly. Furthermore, Santa Claus or Father Christmas is a famous mythical person in various nations who is related to offering gifts to kids.

As offering gifts and different other features of Christmas entail finely tuned financial activities in Christians and people from other communities, this occasion has turned into a major affair and an important selling time for businesses and retail shop owners. The financial significance of Christmas is one element that has developed gradually over the last one or two hundred years in different parts of the world.

Christmas is observed in India as an important carnival and it is a public holiday for the private and public sector employees. India is a country where the majority of population is not Christian but it is celebrated here with a lot of enthusiasm and jest. Throughout the globe, Christmas observations can differ noticeably in variety, showcasing various cultural and countrywide customs. India has espoused a number of secular features of this festival such as offering gifts, adornments as well as Christmas trees. It is observed on 25th December every year.

In India, Christmas is a state holiday despite the fact that Christian population in India is just 2.3%. Earnest disciples visit the churches and Christian missionary schools host programs in which school children take part. Christmas frequently falls on the same date of Makar Sankranti, the observation of the Winter Solstice.

Majority of academic institutions in India have a mid-educational year holiday, on certain occasions known as Christmas holiday, starting briefly prior to Christmas and culminating some days following New Year’s Day. Christmas in India is also named as the big day or Bara Din. Flea markets and commercialization are nevertheless fetching highly secular Christmas observations to the public domain despite the fact that it is not extensively observed as a religious vacation. Prior to the festival, markets get a vibrant appearance since they are bedecked with Conventional Stars, Christmas Trees, look alikes of Santa Claus, Drapes and Balloons. Gift shops boast various Christmas articles and promote them by marketing campaigns with the help of radio, television and news dailies.

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