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Delhi - the capital city of India, the seat of the political power is home to people from all corners of India - people who have brought with them their own style of living, eating, languages, culture, and festivals. Hence, it wouldn't be wrong to term Delhi as miniature India that celebrates all the fairs and festivals that take place in their particular hometown as well.

Delhi celebrates each and every festival with great enthusiasm and gusto, whether it be West Bengal's Durga Puja, Maharashtra's Ganesh Chaturthi or Gujarat's Garba. Every season brings with it numerous fairs and festivals. So throughout the year Delhi reverberates with joyous celebrations. These festivals have their own share of cultural, religious and state extravaganza.

Being the capital city naturally make Delhi a hub of all festive activities, irrespective of their cultural and religious affinity. Hence you can see Diwali - the Hindu festival of lights being celebrated with equal fervor as Eid- the all-important festival of Muslims.

The festive calendar of Delhi takes off in the starting of the celebration of Lohri that celebrates the winter season, followed by the Republic Day of India that is grand affair. On a lighter vein, there are the Mango Festival, Garden Tourism Festival, Phoolwalon KiSair that celebrate the nature and are just an excuse for merriment. Come to India and celebrate these festivals and many more such as Holi, Dussehra, Qutub Festival of Classical Music and Dance, Buddha Jayanti along with the local population for a deeper understanding of the Indian culture and way of life.

These festivals mirror the multiplicity of cultures and reflect the fusion of regional diversities, which constitutes modern day Delhi, where the ancient and the modern blend most harmoniously into a whole.

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